Our solutions

Why using Simply Fresh?

  • Economics:  Our products extend freshness and recuce waist.

  • Sustainable:  All our products are sustainable and can be reused.

  • Practical:  Protection against ethylene can be started right after harvesting. No waiting times like When using competative products (like 1-MCP)

  • Simple:  No knowledge or expertise needed to apply our products

  • Safe:  Our products have no negative or harmful side effects.

  • Flexible:  Because product can be directly Applies, logistic flexibility is increased. Combined transport is possible
  • Affordable:  . Simply Fresh offers an affordable solution for a serious problem No investments in expensive equipment or space is needed.
  • Protection from A to Z:  In the whole supply chain Simply Fresh products can be used to Neutralize ethylene.
  • Long working:  Our solutions work up to four weeks.



The mission of Simply Fresh is to make a contribution substantialism a Prolong freshness, value and availability of fresh produce and reduce wastage thereof.