Sustainable solutions for fresh produce

Sustainability is for Simply Fresh is not just a buzzword. It is a way of thinking, a way of working. With our products and services we want to provide an immediate and substantial contribution to a clean, safe and healthy world. A world that is fresh and honest food for everyone.

Less waste, more availability

Our innovative solutions are aimed wastage of fresh produce to minimize and to let more people enjoy the best fruits, vegetables and beautiful flowers. We also gladly accept our responsibility in a sustainable business in which we have an eye for the environment, society and the health and safety of people, whether they work with fresh produce or consume these.

More yield in the whole verse chain

The operation of our ethylene-neutralizing products is based on a natural and completely safe chemical reaction. For example, the ethylene is proactively neutralized and preserve perishable products such as fruit, vegetables and flowers prolonged their freshness. Therefore we increase the yield in the entire chain, from grower to transporter and retailer to consumer.

effective recycling

All our products are produced sustainably and maximize reusability. After use, the products can be processed as an organic waste and the paperboard can be easily recycled in the conventional systems therefor. So we reduce wastage at that point to an absolute minimum.
Naturally, our processes are regularly evaluated for their effectiveness and contribution to a sustainable society.